Lightning Protection

Revolution Yacht Group is a proud representative of this revolutionary lightning protection product.

The HALO PDCE Lightning Suppressor utilitzes deionization technology to eliminate the possibility of lightning striking within a protected area. It’s unique design dissipates atmospheric charges at a very high rate and sends them to ground essentially neurtralizing the threat of a lightning strike.page1image5600

Big things come In small packages

Measuring a mere 9 inches wide and 15 inches high, a single HALO device protects 337,000 square feet of ground space. Additionally, the HALO weighs only 16 pounds and can be mounted to virtually any structure on land or sea. This versatility makes the HALO perfect for applications ranging from a single family home to the Panama Canal; one of the largest shipping channels in the world.

The future of Lightning Prevention

With over 8000 installations worldwide and no reported strikes in over 10 years, the HALO’s effectiveness is unsurpassed. It has been accepted by NATO as a proven method to prevent lightning and EMP damage. It is NFPA 780 compliant and UL96 certified. No other device on the market has the success rate, certifications and coverage area of the HALO; positioning it to be the new standard in global lightning protection.

Technology Like no other

The HALO’s deionization process works by separating the positive and negative ions and then dissipating them at a rate of 640,000 volts per microsecond. This process reduces the difference of potential between the cloud and ground and eliminates the upward streamers that cause lightning to strike. Effective against both lightning and other forms of Electromagnetic Pulse, such as solar flares, the HALO is the most advanced protection device on the market.